LeadCapture - the easy way for exhibitors to capture leads at expo shows.

Trade and consumer shows bring in a lot of new business.

IF you follow up on leads.

But many exhibitors don't make the most of their leads.



The show tired you out! You were on your feet for who knows how many hours talking non-stop. The last thing on your mind when you come back from one, is to work on leads.


You take a look at the lead capturing sheet, wondering if your tired eyes are playing tricks on you. You're certain you weren't at a GP's convention; neither were you at a beginner's course for simplified Chinese.

But why can't you make out three quarters of the people's handwriting???

You realise that translating what's in front of you into something legible will take hours, days, weeks!

Is it worth it?

"Nah," you decide, "maybe next time I'll try collecting business cards."

Great idea.

Only one problem.

You still need to convert business card data to electronic format.

Let's do some math.

Let's say you collect a 1,000 business cards.

(Yay! Those are plenty of leads!)

Let's say it takes you ten minutes to convert one business card to electronic format.

That amounts to only 10,000 minutes.

Wait, what!?!

That's a 166 hours and 40 minutes.

Or in business speak, more than six days' work, non-stop!

And how many errors will your tired fingers have to correct?

Hmmm, maybe not such a great idea after all.

What to do, then? Is there any hope? Is there any way of capturing leads effortlessly and error free?

Of course there is.

It's called LeadCapture.

What makes LeadCapture the, ahem, "leader", in lead capturing?

It's simple to use (but not simplistic)

  • If you can switch on your mobile device, you can use LeadCapture.

It's instant

  • There are no steps inbetween capturing leads and following up. You capture and follow up. Klaar.

It's accurate

  • Prospects fill in their own details, and they do it electronically. No deciphering involved. No copying necessary.

It's in your inbox a day after the show

  • Go home and rest. You've done a marvellous job of marketing yourself. The day after the show, open up your email and your list of leads is waiting for you.

It helps you keep your promises (integrity, anyone?)

  • No more unintentionally broken promises. If you told a prospect you'd follow up, you'll follow up. Their details have been secured. Contact inevitable and imminent.

What you'll need

To start using LeadCapture you need two things:

  1. A LeadCapture profile (get one here).
  2. A mobile device (phone, tablet or laptop) with internet access.

That's it!

You're now ready to capture thousands of leads at your next exhibition.

Three account types to choose from

LeadCapture is available in three tiers with plenty of add-ons to make it exactly what you need for your lead capturing endeavours.

Sign up today still

Sign up now and enjoy worry-free, secure, quick and easy lead capturing.