What do I need to be able to use LeadCapture?

  1. A mobile device (mobile phone, tablet, laptop) with internet connection.
  2. A LeadCapture account. (See exhibitor options here, event organisers options here; create account here.)

Who captures the data?

You have the option of capturing leads yourself, or leaving it up to your potential clients to input their data – either way it’s simple and quick!

How does LeadCapture work?

LeadCapture is activated two days before the show.

This gives you and your staff time to familiarise yourselves with the interface (which is simple to use).

Each user receives a link and a unique username and password, which is valid for the duration of the show and for one day, one week or a month after the show, depending on the package you chose.

Comes time to enter a prospect's details, log into your account, enter the details and click save. Details are automatically stored to your profile.

On the day following the show, all leads are emailed to you.

For a step-by-step guide with screen shots, click here xxxxxxx

What info do you require from me?

We require the following details:

  • Company name,
  • Your name,
  • Your surname,
  • Email address,
  • Mobile number (for each user).

We also require the details of the "manager user", who receives the whole list, segmented by user (if multiple users are registered).

You may xxxx download the data template xxxxxxx here, which you can simply fill in and return to us.

If you've opted for custom branding, we also require your logo and branding requirements.

If you'd like an automated follow-up email, we require your email letter content (copy and images). 

What is the automated follow-up email all about and what can we include?

The automated follow-up email is a professionally constructed HTML mailer that includes branding and content provided by you.

We require the content at least two weeks before the show. We'll send you a test mail to ensure that you’re happy with the content and layout. We allow for two revisions, after which changes will be charged for at a rate of R350 per hour.

We suggest that you do not include attachments, as spam filters may block your mails.

You may, however, provide links to various pages on your website or to a downloadable document on your server (eg a price list or catalogue).

The emails are sent as INDIVIDUAL emails to each lead (not cc or bcc), making them extremely personal.

The emails are either from a single email address (package 1) or from each registered user individually (packages 10 and 25).

The advantage of using the package 10 or 25 option is that the email is sent from the person who personally connected with the lead.

What is a limited access user?

Some exhibitors hire promoters to help them market at the show. These promoters fall into the limited access category.

Limited access users have access only for a specified time, after which entry is revoked.