For event organisers

In the case where show or exhibition organisers choose to promote LeadCapture to their exhibitors and use LeadCapture for Visitor Registration, the following applies:

  • Visitors can pre-register via a link on the organiser website.
  • Visitors can self-register on the day by using a QR code or short URL to log in to a simple registration form that they can complete on their phone/tablet.
  • Visitors are given a unique code made up of the first letter of their name, the first letter of their surname and the last 4 digits of their cell phone number.  This is easy to remember and is what they will use to give their details to exhibitors.
  • When visitors give their code to an exhibitor, the data is automatically added to that specific exhibitor’s lead list.
  • The organisers will automatically receive a list of all the registrants on the day following the show.
  • A range of optional add-ons are available.

The LeadCapture Show Package

Features for organisers
Unique users 25, of which 15 may be limited access users
Custom fields* 2
Pre-show availability Up to six months
Post-show availability One month
Custom branding Yes
Auto-backup every hour Yes
Price (setup cost) R2,500
Rebate per ehibitor signed up R100

Optional Add-Ons
Additional users R50 per user
Additional limited access users R70 per user
Additional custom fields* R50 per field
Post-show availability R5 per 24 hours
Automatic post-show email R750 (from single email address)
Custom show management software We are able to provide customised show management software that covers every aspect of your exhibition, from sales of exhibition space to management of accounts to automated communications. Prices vary depending on your needs.


*Standard Fields
Company (trade shows) 80 characters
Name 30 characters
Surname 30 characters
Email 80 characters
Number 30 characters
Comments 500 characters
Permission to send email Yes / No

The following custom fields are available:

  • drop down lists,
  • check boxes,
  • radio buttons,
  • date,
  • numeric,
  • yes/no,
  • plain text

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